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Website Updates

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The site broke recently. Somehow Hugo had stopped rendering posts or tags and the homepage looked like it had no content.

Homepage missing Posts and Tags

Turns out a Page’s .URL field was deprecated for new syntax in an update of Hugo:

9:15:43 AM: WARN 2019/04/28 16:15:43 Page's .URL is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use .Permalink or .RelPermalink. If what you want is the front matter URL value, use .Params.url.

I’m not sure why exactly this broke things though. Back in April I configured Netlify to use a version of Hugo that still has a .URL field: 0.55.4. Maybe Netlify rebuilt my site in the intervening months?

In any case, this became a good moment to upgrade Hugo and give my site some much-needed maintenance.

It’s been a fun bit of website design!