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Best I've Read Lately

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  1. Wild and out there but the Connectome-Specfic Harmonic Wave framework offers an interesting avenue of exploration for the future of neuroscience.
  2. As a fan of comic books, it’s nice to see their positive effect on the world. Especially if that effect is saving lives
  3. Deep fakes are getting more and more realistic. Here’s how journalists are preparing to identify them.
  4. A good summary of the CRISPR Baby Scandal and the numerous ethical failures of the researchers involved. Further discussion on reddit.
  5. Dark matter and dark energy may just be 2 aspects of an underlying dark fluid.
  6. The origin story of black swan investing. For those interested in pursuing such an investment strategy: your best bet today is probably Universa Investments - as long as you have the several million dollars required to become a client.
  7. The only 3 trends that matter and Job Ads From the Future by the same author.
  8. Canada released a new food guide and it greatly de-emphasizes the nutritional value of meat and dairy.
  9. On the Climate change policies that will actually be effective.)
  10. An examination of social media’s abuses on our basic freedoms.
  11. A beautiful piece of digital art: the Winds of the US