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Best I've Read Lately 2

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  1. Modern Monetary Theory argues for a Job Guarantee: a government program that will hire anyone who wants a job and find one for them. The specific job is low skilled, minimum wage, and depends on community needs. This usually means work that isn’t profitable for the private sector and doesn't fall easily under current definitions of public sector and can include such areas as community, environmental, or infrastructure improvement.
  2. Detecting rogue black holes using gravitational wave lensing.
  3. The male glance and how we’re biased against art from non-conforming viewpoints. One of Longreads Best of 2018.
  4. Climate scientists build a tool to show you which city your city’s climate will look like in the future. Where I live in Vancouver is lucky enough to have a relatively minor change: our weather will resemble a slightly warmer and drier present day Seattle.
  5. The story behind Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing. Did anyone ever try and contact the titular band?
  6. Interesting insights into how genedrive modified mosquitoes are being tested.
  7. Case studies on when and how to rewrite software.
  8. How predicting cloud behaviour in today’s climate change models is still a huge unknown and why that’s dangerous.
  9. Interesting ideas for rebuilding trust in the media. The last idea in particular about establishing a program of patriotic volunteerism would be good for a country but could be perceived as heavy-handed and authoritarian if introduced too strongly.
  10. Real soy sauce
  11. Apparently there is such a thing as semi-identical twins. Who knew?